Introducing StoryTrigger™
Created Exclusively for Health & Wellness Brands by Digital Innovators, Switch United

Currently in Beta, the StoryTrigger™ app turns the package into the new content channel. It allows today's healthcare consumer to take their smartphone or tablet, hold it up to any product with the StoryTrigger™ logo, and view relevant information and entertainment as it is 'unlocked' and delivered straight to their mobile screen.  

Read the fine print at the size of print you're comfortable with, in the language you prefer; watch the doctor in a 'how-to-use' product video and never misuse OTC medications again; trigger the bandage box and divert your child off the 'owie' to an engaging video or game; or link instantly to a redeemable coupon at check-out or that day's pollen or UV count in your region.  

We've made the healthcare package the new content channel and StoryTrigger™ your trusted new mobile information network. All you need is your smartphone, the downloadable free app off the Android or Apple stores (coming soon!), and access to 3G/4G or wireless.  

How does it work?




StoryTrigger™ is a Switch United company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.
Phone: 1-604-669-2296 x232.